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Who We Are

Humanitarian Engineers

We aim to develop cutting-edge solutions in order to bridge the gap between robotics and firefighting, a field that has not seen any development. We are a group of dedicated and passionate engineers and businesspeople who understand the importance of creating solutions for our brave firefighters. We aim to mitigate risks to workers and firefighters nationwide, and increase safety standards for this dangerous profession.

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Our Mission

A Paradigm Shift

Our mission is to revolutionize the field of robotics by developing the future of advanced, reliable, and accessible robotics to mitigate risks and solve problems for firefighters and civil workers in dangerous environments.

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Meet The Team

Ambitious and diverse

About: Our Team
Siddharth Thakur Formal Picture.jpg

Siddharth Thakur

Founder & CEO

Siddharth is passionate about using his technical experience to make a real difference in the lives of people around him. Siddharth utilizes his robotics experiences at USAi Labs and VEX, and research under the U.S. Navy and Department of Energy, to accelerate the design and product architecture of FireBot. Siddharth manages the end-to-end operations, development, and firefighter outreach of FireBot.

2022_02_19 Krishnan Ram Headshots (13)-Edit.jpg

Krishnan Ram

Head of Software & Controls

Krishnan Ram boasts nearly a decade of experience in deep learning and software development. Focused on developing software for real-world applications, Krishnan combines his love for robotics with his experiences working in software at Maana,, Department of State, and the Oden Institute at UT Austin. Krishnan leads the development of software and wireless control systems on FireBot.

James Mahon Headshot.jfif

James Mahon VI

Head of Material Science

A pilot-in-training with a passion for material science and problem solving, James "Jimmy" Mahon drives the cutting-edge thermal protection systems on FireBot. Jimmy combines experience in the startup ecosystem with almost a decade of work in deep laser research, materials testing, and thermal simulation and analysis to provide a concrete foundation to an integral component of FireBot.

Aniruddh Thakur.png

Aniruddh Thakur

Head of Finance

Aniruddh's deep expertise in the world of investment, finance, and economics powers the financial and business arm of FireBot. Having worked at firms such as PWC, Fidelity, Capstone Headwaters, and the U.S. Court of Appeals, Aniruddh combines his strategic and analytical skills to accelerate and ensure the trajectory of FireBot into market.

Ashwin Headshot.jpg

Ashwin Hingwe

Head of Mechanical Engineering

Ashwin is a jack-of-all trades, combining an lengthy expert portfolio of work in mechanical, electrical, and robotics roles working with Intuitive Surgical and ReNew Robotics. Ashwin uses design, prototyping, and testing skills to drive the mechanical development of FireBot, and is excited to accelerate the development of the organization.

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Industry Advisory Board

The Experts in the Field

eugene campbell.jfif

Eugene Campbell

Retired Fire Chief &  50+ Years in Firefighting
Missouri City Fire Dept.


Chief Joel Baker

Fire Chief
Austin Fire Department

Ken Bailey.png

Chief Ken Bailey

Fire Chief
Travis County Fire Rescue

Gordon Lohmeyer.jpg

Gordon Lohmeyer

Division Director
Brayton Fire Training Field @ TEEX

About: Our Team

Technical Advisory Board

The Experts on the Technology

roland fields headshot.jpg

Roland Fields

Fabrication Lab Manager
Houston Community College

RSE Headshot in Shop.png

Scott Evans, P.h.D.

Director & Lecturer
University of Texas at Austin

Mitch Pryor.png

Mitch Pryor, P.h.D.

Robotics Professor
Nuclear Robotics Group @ Texas Robotics

D.K. Ezekoye.png

Ofodike Ezekoye, P.h.D

Engineering Professor
UT Fire Research Group

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Business Advisory Board

The Experts in the Market

Jake O'shea.png

Jake O'Shea

Director of Platform + Investor
Capital Factory

jeff cardenas.jpg

Jeff Cardenas

Co-founder and CEO


Van Truskett, P.h.D.

Executive Director
Texas Innovation Center

Bart Bohn.png

Bart Bohn

Director, Co-founder
Austin Technology Incubator

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